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Why Social media marketing is important?

Why Social media marketing is important?

When it comes to internet marketing then you can never avoid the importance of social media platforms in this regard. Social media is a perfect place to connect with an amazing community from all around the globe. Social media is not just a place to interact with the people but it can play an important role in boosting your brand or growing your organization in an effective way. If honesty and open dialogue is your talent on social media then you can get a lot of benefits from these amazing platforms in an effective way with ease.

What is importance of social media marketing?

Do you want to know why social media marketing is important? Here are some of the best reasons which will let you understand the importance of social media marketing with ease.

You can easily grow your brand

Photos and video content is a must-have part of any effective marketing campaigns. It is because visual content is able to produce more engagement as compared to the text-only content and can attract more people with ease. Using social media to share visual content will help you to develop your brand across the board in an effective way.

Social media marketing can enhance your sales

Social media can provide you a better opportunity to target your prospects from all around the world and this will ultimately impact your sales in a positive way. More specifically the service-oriented business organizations can get more benefits from these opportunities. Social media is nearly free of cost platform and can provide you a global presence with ease. Social media will make it easier for you to advertise your services. Any business owner in Dubai can easily improve their sales and revenue.

Social media marketing can help you to spread brand awareness

When it comes to increase your online visibility, social media marketing can play a significant role. Your social media are the best channels which can become a better source for the voice of your brand and related content. You can use social media marketing for the promotion of your brans or business and can enhance brand awareness with ease.

Social media can help you to drive more web traffic

Whether you have are offering services like Web Design Dubai or have any other business, you must have a website for your business to showcase your products or services. Bringing targeted customers to your website is important not only to increase your sales but to increase web traffic too. Well, this is something where social media marketing can benefit you. You can use social media platforms to bring people to your websites. Social media posts can give you a better opportunity to let people know about what’s new you have for them and let them click through your website.

Social media marketing is important for any kind of business. Whether the business is offering products or digital services like Web developer in Dubai or SEO, etc. Social media marketing plays an important role in the growth of the businesses.

The latest web design trends

When it comes to fine the best web design trends to look what you are going to get in the field of web design this year. Then you can find amazing latest trends which will help you to know what innovations you have to bring in the latest web designs. Well, for any web developer from Dubai, this is the most important thing to know to bring some best and innovative ideas in the field of web design. If you are a WordPress developer then you must look at the following web design trends to follow.

Latest web design trends to follow

Here are some web design trends to follow:

The time of flat designs has gone

More focus on vibrant, flat user interfaces have gone from the scene. Web designers are giving new ways for interest and creating more layered user interfaces to immerse better web designs. The latest web design Dubai are more attractive and eye-catching.

Adaptability has improved

As in any other industry, the rotations in the design of the web deigns is also happening due to oversaturation. And at some points, things become to look the same. So, because of the steady flow, a freelance web designer has to understand the key to survive in the industry at the present time is adaptability.   

Untraditional scrolling methods are conquering the web design industry

You may have observed that the new web designs are coming with unconventional ways of scrolling. These unique scrolling approaches are providing the best user experience. These can be one of the best designs which can get the attention of more consumers. And one of the most important things is that to see distinctions user have no need to press a scroll.

Creativity which can utilize color branding

The designs of websites are becoming more attractive. Color branding is becoming one of the most crucial parts of the present web designs. Businesses and companies are moving to the web designs which are branding-based on the web pages. When the user is going to interact with the pages and navigates a product, the web design will help the user to navigate with the website with ease.   

Responsive web pages

Responsive websites are still in trend. Along with the latest web development trends. This older trend still has its place in the top web development trends of the present time. It is because with more usage of mobile devices it has become a must-have feature on every website. It looks like the irresistible majority of mobile users is never going to let responsive web pages go out of trend. Therefore, it is time to bring mobile-friendly designs. It is because such websites perform on mobile devices in the best way. These types of websites will provide the user with an amazing experience and will show the perfect interface regardless of the device which is being used.

Well, this year is bringing a new level of excitement when you look at the latest web design trends to follow. Here are the design trends which are surely best for you to know.

Why do I need a web designer?


Your website is an important factor of your company. Nowadays, many reputed businesses and companies have their website running. And to be honest, their websites make the same sales as their conventional stores. This is a digital era. People prefer to shop online rather than going out to the stores.

It is important for all the company owners and business owners to have business websites as the websites represent your business. A website expands your business, improve your sales rate and help you to score more potential customers.


If you are wondering to create your business idea, it is going to improve your business strategies and would create the awareness about your brand. But, building a website might be hard if you are not that tech-savvy. A website should just not be built but it should be creative and compelling so that you can maintain a steady traffic to score some more potential customers.

A website designer is the one who builds a website to enhance the engagement and interaction with your potential customers. Not only can this help you to expand your business but can also improve the sales rate and net profit of the company. A website designer helps you to build a customized website that represents your brand’s motive. A website designer does not just creates a website but customize your website in such a way that its content is creative, compelling and attractive to the customers.


If I talk about the importance of a web designer, I would take the example of Dubai as it is the hub for many online businesses, freelancers and fortune companies. There are many freelance web designers in Dubai and this just explains the importance of a web designer.

Many newly opened businesses need  the web developers in Dubai to design customized websites for the publicity and expansion of the businesses.  Web design in Dubai is pretty common as most of the companies and businesses are aware of the trend of online shopping and about the wide audience using the Internet and social media platform. Here I am going to shed some light on the importance of the freelance web designer in Dubai and rest of the world.



If we talk about the freelance web designer and web developers in Dubai, they help you to set your first impression of the business. Your viewers and the customers visiting your website judge you on the basis of your content and creativity on the website. If you are going to build your website through WordPress and not going to consult a WordPress developer in Dubai, it will drive away your customers as half of your customers drive away upon seeing stale and unappealing content.

A freelance web designer in Dubai not only charges you less but also makes you a creative, up-to-date website that represents your business in a professional and user-friendly way.

If you are not going to hire a web developer in Dubai, you are going to lack behind in creativity and would not be able to chase the potential customers from your competitors. Dubai is a competitive city. If your website design is outdated or not appealing, it is automatically going to drive away the customers. Hence, decreasing your sales rate and interaction with your potential customers on net. A good web developer in Dubai will always help you to keep your leads on the page.


Your content and SEO strategies help your website to be visible on the search engines. If you are not going to hire a freelance web designer from Dubai and going to customize your site yourself, it is going to cost you a lot. It will lose your site ranking on the search engines and your site would not be visible to your potential customers.

A good web developer in Dubai knows the importance of the SEO websites. He would strive to create a website which is rich in SEO keywords.  He would apply different SEO techniques to enhance your web traffic and to improve the site’s visibility and engagement.

An experienced Web developer in Dubai knows the importance of being in the first search page of Google. If he has worked with other companies in Dubai, then he would definitely strive to improve your site’s SEO rankings.


Your website should be trustworthy to convince your customers. If your website is poorly designed, it is going to drive away your customers as a poorly designed website does not have a proper lead to the customer support service.

A good freelance web designer in Dubai would definitely point out the factor to design a website which has a full customer support system. He would create a responsive website where the customers can get a proper response to their queries and questions. Web designing in Dubai is completely customized. Every web developer in Dubai builds a website according to the brand’s motive and includes the customized customer support services on the website as per the requirements of the site owner.


A website should be highly responsive in order to maintain a steady web traffic. For instance, if you would not take help from a Web developer, it is going to decrease your website traffic due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are the corruptive website, unresponsive website and a long loading time.

Web design experts in Dubai take care of the high speed and performance of your site. They make sure that your website is as fast as the Dubai’s life. Moreover, they use compressed files, minimize the HTTP requests, and compress the media to enhance the performance and speed of the site. A fast website would definitely have a high web traffic. The web developers in Dubai know different strategies and techniques to enhance the site’s performance.

What’s the big deal about mobile first?


A responsive web design basically means a website which is highly responsive, fast and up-to-date and is mobile-friendly as well as desktop-friendly. There are many websites built by the freelancer web designers in Dubai that were desktop-friendly only. They used to be popular but the era has changed. Everything has become digitized. Many people now prefer to conduct the information from the websites through their mobile phones.

Now obviously desktop-friendly websites build by the previous web developers in Dubai was not responsive on gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets because they were not built to run on anything except the desktop.

But the time has changed. Many web developer in Dubai are designing the website with a mobile first design. A mobile first design is close to creating a highly responsive web design for the website. A  website with a mobile first design is much responsive than the other websites and more people would visit the website and interact and maintain a steady traffic rather than the websites which are only desktop-friendly. People do not use desktops anymore to conduct the information from a website.

A website built by a web designers in Dubai which does not have a mobile first design can readily decrease the web traffic and sales rate of your business. Obviously, if you website is not mobile-friendly, it will drive away half of your customers and would not increase your sales.

Some desktop-friendly websites are mobile-friendly too but they are built with mobile first design. This leads to a long loading time. A long load time annoys the customers and viewers and they run away to your competitors right away.


The concept of mobile first design is the  manipulation of the website, by the web developers in such a way, that it makes the site eligible for the fitting into a small screen first rather than the big screen.

Some freelance web designers have the expertise of creating  a website with a mobile first design. A mobile first design not only helps you to maintain a steady traffic but it will also enhance the visibility and the ranking of your website on the search engines. Hence, increasing your sales rate and the net profit. A high responsive design and a mobile first design will determine the expansion and the success of your company or your business.


A mobile first design introduced by the web developers in Dubai typically compresses your website to fit into a smaller screen. Your customers will have a fast access to the information that they are looking for. A mobile first design basically compresses the media of your website and enhances the user experience of your website.

If your customers will use a desktop web design on the small screens, the text would be a lot bigger, the images would crash or corrupt and the load time would be longer than usual. It will not only decrease the rating and the ranking of your website but it will also give the user a bad experience.

A website without a mobile first design annoys the users. They tend to close it as soon as possible because of the unresponsive web design. A professional Web developer in Dubai will build your website with a responsive and a mobile first design.

A mobile first design improves your site’s visibility and the web traffic. If your web traffic is good and your site is visible on the first page of the Google, you are likely to gain a lot of potential customers. If you gain a lot of potential customers, it is ultimately going to enhance your sales rate. If your sales rate increases, your business will benefit and expand. In short, a mobile first design represents your responsive behavior. And, a responsive behavior helps to expand your business like no other factor.


A mobile first design provides a same user experience despite of the size of your devices. By a mobile first design, your website which would be build by an expert web developer, would be responsive on small screens as well as the big screens.

It would give you the better leads to your business. You would be able to calculate the audience who uses the mobile phones to visit your website. A mobile first design makes a website fast and high performance machine.


•There are more than 1.2 billion mobile web users all around the world that use the mobile specified search engines to visit the websites to conduct information.

•In the United States of America, 25% of the total mobile web users do not user a laptop, desktop or a personal computers. They rely on electronics devices to conduct information on the websites.

•Mobile applications are installed  10.9 billion times by the mobile web users.

•Mobile device sales are outdoing the sales of the desktops or other big screens. It means that people are using mobile phone more than the desktops.


•The web developers in Dubai assures that the Mobile first design is accessible to any device. A mobile first design would open up your website on any platform and on any electronic device, whether a mobile phone or a desktop.

•It compresses the media, text and the related content to your business. It makes it easy for you and your viewers to access the information provided on the website.

•More people are using the mobile phones to conduct information from the websites. That is why, it will not only increase your web traffic but will also increase your site’s visibility.

•A mobile first design can by updated more easily by the web designers. They can add more to the functionality of the mobile first design easily and quickly. Hence, saving you the cost of the long codes.

•A mobile first design provides you with easy and quick navigation.